Ok so..

That’s done. I didn’t do 2015 well and completely gave up on re-trying for 2016. 2013 and 2014 are documented nicely though so there’s that.

I was looking for a new challenge this year, and my friend Rony and I came up with a 12-month 12-recipes challenge, a Bake Off contest of sorts.

We’re documenting it in a new blog, The Great Yearly Bake Off! Come and see us try (and hopefully not fail) recipes we choose for each other. I’m already psyched about my first bake, for January (Choux pastry month!) and I’m going to go ahead and do it tomorrow. Hopefully there’ll be some wonderful yummy looking photos of that.

Thank you so much for following 365 Waves!




Well, i suck. It took two days into the year for me to fall off the 365 wagon. This school year is intense as all hell and my phone died so i couldn’t take phone pics. I did get some photos with my camera and i have a new phone (woohoo lg g3! Can’t wait to check out the camera on it) and I’m going to upload what i have and try to pick it back up real soon. Sorry!

2014 Done


and was kind of a bitch.

I only took 281 photos (77%, it was 95% in 2013). But that’s mostly because it was a bad time for a lot of it I didn’t feel like taking any photos. There was a war and I was consumed with anxiety and worry. My dog got old and then sick and then we put her down which was .. well you can imagine.

Scotland was probably the one main high point of the year. Everything about that trip was happiness and I feel like I deserved it. But there were other little things that I’m glad I caught in photos (and some moments I wish I had not).

I’m hoping to do better in 2015, in the project and in general. Thank you so much for following!

here’s to a better 2015

Day 360

20141227_004659it’s that one time in the year I start to really miss knitting so I knit myself some sort of quick knit accessory. I bought myself a pricey skein and made a neck warming thingie while watching SPN and drinking hot chocolate and it was a nice break.